Secret Santa

Starting on the 14th of Dec, my little family will become secret Santa's. By far this is one of my favorite traditions, during the Christmas season. Now here is the challenge part
On the 10th I'm going to gave the exact details, but the summed up part is everyday for the 12 days of Christmas... you'll be taking something to the family (or person) you picked.
I hope my efforts to spread joy this Christmas... will go over well and many of you will take part in this. It's so much fun to do!!!
a little info on it:
1) Pick a family you want to do this for. They can't be related and try to think of a family or person needy
2) Don't tell them because it's a secret :)
3) On the 10th I'm going to post the shopping list
4) all the things on the list will be $ hardly any money $... like 4 apple and 5 hot chocolate packs.
5) Don't forget to get your camera ready, so you can document it all
6) Find a good time you can drop off the goods, without them seeing you :)
Again, I really hope to motivate many of you to start the holiday off right, with the gift of giving.
HO...HO...HO... ;)

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Brian K said...

Oh my gosh this is such a wonderful idea! I am excited to play! I am telling LOTS of friends about your wonderful idea!!! Thank you!!!!