Family Christmas News Letter

Merry Christmas Family and Friends

This year has been a great year for our little family. We have been super busy just about every day, but we still find time to laugh and play.

This year

Jason has been attending El Camino College to further his knowledge in awesomeness (Computers). With full time work, school and being a Daddy he NEVER stops moving. Sometime at the end of next year, he will be transferring over to Cal State Long Beach. We long for the day we get to Scream Jason's #1 when he crosses the graduation stage!

Heidi (a.k.a. ME) has been working hard at being a mother and getting published in scrapbook magazines. Most of my day is spent running around trying to get it all done. This past year I've been super blessed to be published many times in Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, BH&G Scrapbook ect, Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Scrap and Stamp, Scrap N Art, Paper Crafts, Bread Trends and many books.

Bradley this past fall started home school. Jason and I decided to Home School Bradley because we live in the ghetto. He is now writing and reading, loves math, science, art and going on tons of field trips. About once or twice a month I take him to the slick tracks (go carts) where I let him practice for his dream job. Brad the Rad race car driver. Just this past Monday morning he woke up and said " Mommy, Once I win my first really big race... I'm going to become a super spy and save the world!" That's my boy, always thinking of the good of man.

Calvin has one word to describe him perfectly... Wicked! LOL Every second of his day must be watched because he is so curious! This year he found out that you can climb in dryers to hide, erase messages on the answering machine, making beautiful artwork on the walls, it hurts more when you hit with an object (like a toy, hot wheels car) and the art of running "nope!" I'm sure you might think I'm a bad mom for calling him wicked, but keep in mind that we say it in a silly voice and he LOVES to be called it... LOVES IT. One benefit I've found of home schooling Bradley, is that Calvin is picking up on things that Bradley is learning. He now knows most of his colors (Yellow is his favorite) , can count to 22, sings the ABC's song and knows about 18 letters in the alphabet.

Bradley and Calvin have truly bonded this year. Now that Calvin is old enough and Bradley understands his sweet baby talk, we have found our home filled with their laughter. I can't believe how fast they are growing (Bradley 5 and Calvin 2), it feels like we just brought them into this world.
What we have going on right now is... being SICK! Last week was Jason's finals at school and we all went out to eat. Later that day Jason said to me " My stomach is hurting" and at that same moment mine was as well. It turns out we both got food poisoning. Luckily the boys didn't get it.
Now for our yearly break down


Watched the Rose Parade

Bradley went for his 1st bike ride with uncle Mike

Jason tried out some new ice cream

Calvin fell in love with Marshmallows and realized that he could slide out under the baby gate

I got Bronchitis AGAIN!


Jason and Calvin snuggled on a rainy Sunday

It rained a lot this month and once it stopped we played outside

Taught Bradley how to play hopscotch

I started to teach at the local Scrapbook Store

A day at the beach with Anutie Meagan


Did a lot of Easter baking

Gardened with Nana

The boy had matching little suits for Easter Sunday

Just took our family for a Sunday drive along the coast

Calvin loves going in the dryer (and yes, I tell him not too)

Pappy makes the best popcorn in town!


I found out that CK picked me as a favorite scrapbooker (from a phone call by my friend)

Bradley thinks his ripped Jeans are the coolest thing in town and wants to wear them daily

Calvin gets his first timeout for hitting Bradley

Bradley uses way to much lotion

Jason worked on lot of homework


Calvin got new boots and wore them this whole month

Jason enjoyed playing with the boys

Bradley learned how to ride a bike with daddy

Jason and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary

Bradley and Jason went camping

We started spending our weekends at the beach


We love the summer and this summer was filled with tons of neat things

Cousins Hailey had a sleep over

Bradley turned 5

We went to Napoleon Dynamite houses

Drove to Utah for cousin Spencers baptism

Stayed with Family and Friend (Nichols and Aherns)

Bradley fell in love with Ella Ahern

We went to LEGO Land

Bradley won this race course (He is really good at driving)


Calvin turned 2

We had a Slip and slide birthday party for the boys

Calvin moved into a big boys bed, because he climbed out of his crib

We had a Cuppett family reunion

We rode on the Good Year Blimp

Bradley and Calvin enjoyed their birthday gifts


We went Camping with the Horrocks Family

Jason spent a long time putting together our crazy tent (that had way to many polls)!

Calvin decided that underwear makes a great hat
Bradley would sleep with Wall-e at night


We went swimming with Meagan and Dianne

Jason finished summer school

We went to the L.A. County Fair with the Horrocks Family

After a doctors visit, I realized that Calvin HATES Brand-ads

Bradley found the perfect super hero disguise

I colored my hear dark down

Bradley rode his first BIG roller coaster

I held a nasty big bug at the science center


I turned 27 and Jason picked out a very sweet gift for me, with the boys

I went to the spa with Meagan

Jason made me breakfast in bed

Bradley dressed up like Speed Racer for Halloween

Calvin was a Teletubbie for Halloween

We found a great soda shop in L.A. called Galco's

Jason and I decided who and what to vote for


We voted

Jason turned 34 and I made him a funny little cake

I went to Utah for my brothers wedding

We took the boys to see Bolt (Disney Movie)

Calvin broke Jason's Glasses

I went for a Bike ride

Bradley had a trip to the emergency room

We took a fall walk


We decorated our home with a tree, flowers, and a yummy ginger bread train

We bought a coconut and all tried it

I made 90 Christmas Cards

Jason and I went on a date to see Wicked (Jason's Birthday gift from Mike and Iris. Thanks you so much guys!)

And because of the rain, the boys and I made a hand paint Wall-e box to wear (Disney Movie)


What was your Favorite 2008 Memory?

Jason- Riding on the Good Year Blimp

Heidi- Watching Bradley learn how to ride a bike, all the silly sassy things Calvin thinks up and Camping

Bradley- Going to the Fair and riding the roller coaster

Calvin- Watching Snow Buddies (His favorite movie)

Favorite thing we've learned in 2008?

Jason- How to wrap up his headphones (for the laptop), so they don't get crazy tangled

Heidi- How to simplify more

Bradley- Learning how to crush cans to recycle and riding a bike

Calvin- Singing twinkle, twinkle little start

Favorite things we bought in 2008?

Jason-Live Scribe Pin

Heidi- My Cricut Machine

Bradley- Speed racer helmet and race tracks

Calvin- Rain boots and toy cars

Goals for 2009

Jason- to do 100 push ups, run a 5k, play the saxophone again

Heidi- Lose weight, run a 5k, have baby #3

Bradley- Play games, learn how to play ping pong,write better, fix things with tools and swim fast like Michael Phelps (these are is own words)

Calvin- Run fast (these are his own words)

From our family to yours

we hope you all have a


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Stacey said...

oh wow how cool was that! Love the pictures! Merry Christmas girl! And thank you so much for the awesome Micky album!!! I love it!!! Have a great one!

domestic goddess said...

what a lovely round up
thank Heidi for the Christmas Crad
Merry Christmas
anna x

Bethany Kartchner said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Only the best for you and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was freaking AWESOME!! I love how you incorporated all the months...hopefully they will all end up in a kick arse book. I also think its super cool that your hubby will be going to my husbands alma mater. You guys aren't far from my hubby's old stomping grounds. We are in the LBC about 2x a month.

I cracked up at why you guys are homeschooling. Funny stuff!! I'm going to start homeschooling next year so if you have any tips for me please share.

Many blessings for the coming year and good luck with baby #3.

Sri said...

Thanks for the card, Heidi!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. :D

Lydia said...


Jenn said...

That was a great post! You guys have been very busy in the past year. I was reading one of the threads on Scapbook.com that you, me and Gina had going for a few years and it was so much fun to read back on what going on back then, you were pregnant with Calvin and Gina had just found out she was expecting #3. Those were good times!

Cari Fennell said...

A little latebut Merry Christmas girlie!!! Love all of your posts-how fun! And thank you for the sweet Christmas card-I loove it!
xoxoxo Cari