I'm 27 and feeling good

As you saw in the post before Halloween is my birthday :)

This post today isn't going to be what I did on my big day, but rather what I have planned for my new year (I'll post how the day was tomorrow)... "cause this girl needs to have some goals" lol

My 27 year old goals

No more pj's after 9am
Find a new lipstick to love
Buy 5 pairs of shoes I can't live without
Sew a dress
Shower everyday (because this mommy misses a day from time to time lol)
Do something way out of character
Embrace being a better vegetarian
Work out 5 days a week
Go on a date with Jason one a month
Go out with a girlfriend once a month
Have baby #3
Fly out of state
Talk to each family member once a month.

okay there you have it... 13 goals!
If you notice to the right, I've added them to the side bar and I'll check them off as I go.
Oh and like I said "tomorrow I'll post all of my Halloween photos"

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Lori McDonald said...

Whhoooo hoooo!!! You go girl.... you are more than welcome to fly to GA anytime!!!!

Lori (aka Beloved Keepsakes)

Paula said...

What a great idea! My birthday is on the 23rd of this month and I think I'll do the same thing. :)

If you have a second could you tell me how you post a list like that on the side of your blog? I'm new to the blogger world and don't know all the details. :)


Ashley said...

Best of luck with your new goals! I believe in you!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday and Great list of goals!!! I know you will do them!!(I need to do the 'call all family members once a month'.)

Christi Snow said...

I love your list of goals, Heidi...such a perfect idea! Happy Belated Birthday!!! smiles...

Jill Deiling said...

happy birthday heidi!!!!!!!!
wow, those are some good goals for this year! i need to be like you and make some too! :)