We have one gold fish :) our first family pet, Sandy. It's been over 2 months and Bradley was asked at church to give a small talk. Once he had his lines down I promised him "if you can say all your words for your part, I'll buy you another fish and a cooler tank" WHY DID I PROMISE THIS?!

Bradley did his part and we headed off to the pet store (petco). Once there Bradley picked out this really shiny gold fish and we let Calvin pick out one fish too (funny enough we learned that gold fish can be black-ish-grey or white/pear like). When it came time to pick out the tank we so got suckered! We bought a 10 gallon tank, a pump, 2 plants, 1 castle and two pillars... and when we checkout the total came to $59.48! "What" I said "really?" the girl behind the counter said with sass "Yep! so you going to buy it?"

As I pulled out my ATM card I looked over at Bradley holding the 2 new fish and he was soooo happy. DARN KIDS AND THEIR CUTE HAPPY FACES! I bought the stuff and we headed home.

So for 3 fish that are no more then .19 cents each we spent $59.48! Yep, this fish are crazy lucky to have a crazy lady spend that much for her son to make him feel loved. ALL OF THIS WAS DONE FOR THE SAKE OF A PROMISE!

OH and PS their names are (white fish) Sandy, ('gold' fish) Spots, (grey/black fish) Spooky

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jen t. said...

kids never forget a promise!lol! love your new $59.48 fish!lol!congrats on the new fish additions to your family! jen t.

Lydia said...

O' do I know what you mean! I always tell mine, "Your cuteness is worth this much today:!" They would laugh and tell "O mom your funny!" Mine have been bugging me to buy them 3 fish too. Since today is my oldest bday....who knows he just might gets some :)!

Deborah Mahnken said...

Hee hee - we just got a new betta fish this weekend (to replace the one that died several months ago). At least these guys only need a small bowl! :-)

dawn said...

what an awesome Mom!

Same thing happened to me with a hamster... :)

Amy Hummel said...

LOL!!! I've done that exact same thing... and at Petco! A $0.19 goldfish is NOT cheap!!!

Jill Deiling said...

cuuute goldfish!! :D I am JUST like you, i blow money like that on alex all the time! lol. our kids are so spoiled because theyre too cute!

Ravengirl said...

A promise is a promise! And super important as a rule!!! Good for you for keeping your word. I'm sure your kids will never forget it:)

charity.sorrells said...

But geez, those fish are just the cutest thing evah!! ;)