What can you live without?

This past Sunday we had a lesson at church titled "Let him do it with Simplicity" It was a beautiful lesson about letting go of things you really don't need and filling it with more spiritual needs. It talked about enjoying the small things in life and how to be grateful for them. After I went home I thought..."What is something I just can't live without, that is simple?" and yes you got it, that answer was Q-tips. I know this is a lame thing to have on the top of my list, but let me just say this... every morning I do this same routine
Wake up to Bradley or Calvin asking for foodCheck Spelling
Go pee
While I pee, I get the Q-tip jar
I clean my ears

This simple little routine bring get joy to my ears and helps me wake up to another day!
LOL so you see... I CAN'T live without them!

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Amy said...

Hi, came over from Unity! I love your banner! Have to agree about the qtips..LOL

Lydia said...

I thought I left you a comment on this one. I too agree QTIPS are a must for me! :)

sarah said...

the joy of clean ears! hehe. great pic!


Amy Hummel said...

Nothin' like clean ears!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh I am addicted to Qtips too, have to have them when I travel also!! or I go insane