Is it wrong to love this photo?!

At Calvin's 2 year old check up he was doing great, until they checked the iron in his blood! It wasn't the blood coming out the ticked him off, it was the band-aid! This little man of mine cried until I took it off and was then fine again. What a weird thing to not like! I remember being a kid and trying to hurt myself, just so I could get another band-aid LOL


Candace H

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Candace H said...

Thanks so much Heidi & Unity!!!

& what a sweet photo... form my dd and ds, a bandaid makes it all better... well, most of the time... we'll see how dd does in 2 weeks with all her "5-yr.-old shots". Have a great Monday!

Nicole said...

Hi Heidi- That's funny about the band aid. My son did that at his 1 year old visit. They did the iron test and as soon as they put the band aid on he started crying. He was fine until they put it on him. I think with the band aid if they put it too tight it makes the finger throb a little.

Erin Glee said...

I love this photo, too, so it can't be TOO wrong! That scruched face with his hand over his eyes tells so much of the story~really...um... REAL....

My boys think a Band-Aid heals... that and a kiss will make it better. Even if there is no blood or scratch, it just got "banged", that boo-boo "NEEDS" a bandage!

The Bacon Strip bandage CRACKED ME UP!

Stacey said...

hee hee how funny!!! love the picture!! Oh and those bacon bandaids are the coolest!!!

Ashley said...

He is so darn cute! I love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Heidi i also love this photo !! And i love the card below too, you rocked it :) Congrats to Candace , enjoy !!
Have a great day