Candy I dislike and the winner

The candies I dislike the most... are

With Halloween just around the corner, lets face it... US MOMS...help our kids eat the candy, so it leaves the home faster! This is a tradition I love to take part in, that is until I pull these out of the bucket! For some of you out there, you might long and live for these candies.. HOWEVER I DON'T! YUCK... NO THANKS! I'll take the chocolate please lol. Anyone else feel this way?
And our winner for the Making Memories set is
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for HIP HOP THURSDAY where I'll be doing 3 ...that's right 3 give aways! Share the info :)
I love give aways!!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow!!! How totally exciting!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!! And I sure hope you're fighting off that bronchitis and feeling lots better!!!!

Ravengirl said...

Oh my word! I feel the same way about candy, be it Halloween, Easter, Christmas or parade candy. I would just as soon as it never come in the house! I despise candy corn!!! It's the worst.

Paula said...

Your post today was hilarious! I hate those pepperment candies too, but I have to disagree with you on the candy corn. I'm a sucker for that one! :) If I were to post, I'd have to add Peeps to my list. This is normally an Easter candy, but I just saw some Halloween Peeps at the store today. Looking forward to your give away tomorrow. :)

Erin Glee said...

Darn! My kids are getting old enough to know what "the good stuff" is... they like the chocolates and mini candy bars the best. Don't tell, but I've been known to raid the plastic pumpkins when the kids are in school, but I have to do it early in the game, when they have too many to keep track of!