A surprise on my door steps

On Saturday night we came home from a very long day of a Make N' Take in the morning and a church party {BBQ and foot ball}. Jason is to the far left. LOL He looks like he's taking off to fly!When I walked up to the door I saw 2 delightful boxes sitting and waiting for me :)
On one box it said a BIG O'L And when I opened it up... THERE IT WAS... MY ALI EDWARDS BOOK!!! I still can't get over that I got in this book...TWICE!!!

Bradley's doctor visit
and Meagan the card giver
I made this album out of cards my best friend gave me. She is by far THE BEST CARD GIVER EVER!!! This idea would work well for Birthday cards, Christmas cards, report cards and much more! I always felt so bad just throwing away a card that someone spent $3-4 on. Then last January I had a dream {NO LIE A DREAM} to turn them into a mini album. I hope this idea catches on and {maybe you all can share the projects with me. I love seeing my ideas being used by others :)}

So the other box was my lo back {from CK MEDIA} for this months Oct 08 Creating Keepsakes. I had a lo titled "Don't rush to grow. It was a lo I did for the Hall of Fame contest {lol which I didn't win} but, Joannie McBride like it and used it for the "Fall in love" Readers gallery. you can find it on page 100

Anyways, It was a perfect way to end my day and I thought I'd share. Don't forget to keep a look out for my next give away and big news :) You won't want to miss it!

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Stacey said...

WOW!!! Congrats girl!!! That is AWESOME!!!

Laura said...

hooray!!!! that is SO exciting heidi! :)