I can't believe I did this!

Yesterday was a very long and busy day. First I had a newborn photo shoot in the morning. Holding this sweet newborn made me ready for baby #3 ,BUT I still want to lose 53 more lbs (I've now lost 55lbs). Maybe in the next 3-4 months you'll get some baby news. Oh and I'm almost in a size 14. WOOHOO! I got into a size 14 the other day...zipped up and all, but lol I couldn't breath. I'm so close to breathing in them ;)

So after the photo shoot, we surprised Bradley and Calvin by going to the Science Center in downtown LA. We always have a great time there, but this day was unlike any other visit. I guess on Saturdays they bring out bugs to touch and well... just look at my face b/c it says it all.
I would normally NEVER post a pic of my face like that, but it too funny to not post!
I HATE BEETLES and I would normally NEVER hold one of these things, but Bradley was afraid and I don't want him to be afraid of bugs so I offered to go first. Oh why do moms have to be so cool and brave first! lol Jason didn't even hold it. The best part is the bug started to put it's bum up and I said to the girl "does that mean it needs to poop?" and that's when she took it away because the answer was YES! NASTY MADAGASCAR HISSING COCKROACH TRIED TO POOH ON ME!

Anyways, it was an all together happy day.

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susanshoe said...

Eeewwwww! You posted a close-up of some nasty bug/beetle thing without warning us! Lol, I was expecting to get another giggle-icious shot of you pulling a face, and instead I got to pull one of my very own. Ummm, well done? :P
Susan :)

Julie Howard said...

I find it so funny that your post started with that beautiful pic of the rings and baby feet and ended with an ookey roach! ~gheeee~

Oh! And congrats on the incredible weight loss! That's so awesome.

Leah C said...

WOW gorgeous photos!!

Sassy Sasha said...

Okay .. so those photos were BEAUTIFUL girl .. wow .. that is one big big insect LOL .. and congrats on the weight loss. I am still in a 14 .. I started Weight Watchers and I am already down 5 lbs and I started officially 2 weeks ago .. so it is crankin, and really not even a diet if you ask me . . love the pics girl .. I said that I know but they are fabulous.

Stacey said...

Love the pictures!!!!

Jill Deiling said...

omg, that cocroach pic gives me the chills!! you ARE a good mother because you couldnt PAY me to hold one of those! lol. that look on your face is priceless! :D
I absolutely looove those baby pics, you are an amazing photographer! :D

SusanR said...

That picture of the baby's feet with Momma's rings is sooooo sweet! Absolutely lovely!

Lydia said...

My dh would love that blanket of UCLA! Awesome photo!

Lydia S