Woke up to early
Realized I was super sore from working out
gave our money away to bills
Realized Sprint had us on the WRONG plan and was charging us WAY to MUCH
The boys got into a fight {They made up with a hugs}
Went to get dressed for the day and couldn't find anything to wear!
AND then a thought came to me.... "I wonder if I fit into a size 16 FINALLY???"
I pulled them out of the closet... ready for the let down
I put my feet in and started to pull them up
and they finally fit!!!!
From Crappy bills to "I finally fit into a size 16"... There is always hope for a happy day! Even if it starts off wrong.
oh and ps I've lost another 4lbs.
I size 14 here I come :)

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Karen said...

congratulations!! i know how it is, and then when you linger between two sizes!!! aughghgh!!! you're on a roll girl!!!

dawn said...

Keep it up Girl!!!!! Awesome. :)

Tasha Hickert said...

Oh yea for you!! That is just the best to fit into smaller jeans. Thanks for visiting my sight and leaving the comment about not word-wrapping the pics. That helped tremendously. I appreciate your taking the time to care!