Fall Fashion

I was looking in some new catalogs I just got and it makes me long for the cold weather! I'm so ready for Fall Fashion. Here are some things I plan to add to the wardrobe :)

I so heart Fashion! How about you??

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The Gillette's said...

Cute cute cute! I can't wait either. I'm such a shopaholic (is this spell right?) Anywho, we should go to the mall sometime. How are you? How was church? Bart and I were out of town but will be there this Sunday. See you during Relief Society....! Hugs and Kisses :) Good Job on your weight loss. Want to keep hearing on your success!

Shellieh said...

ohhhh, those look fun. I love fall. Newport news has some really cute fall stuff to, might want to check them out-- in a size 14? Congrats on the loss. :D
(followed Robyn's link to you. :D)