I miss hats

I've always loved hats ever since I was really little. I love how big and crazy or small and adorable they can be.
From the 1800's
To the fab 20's
Love the orange with the purple. Perfect for Easter Sunday
I know I could never make this hat work for me, but I still love it!
Super delightful! love the Crazy BIG butterflies
LOL okay, now this is just crazy! It makes a cool picture, BUT
how could you get in the door with this on?! LOL
I love the bright colors on this one.
I was dying inside when I saw this !!! LOL did no one tell her she had a horse on her head??! You would think a friend would say "Put down the horse hat and walk away" AND yet they didn't LOL! I think the best part is, you can see in her face that she really loves this hat.
I love Feather hats
LOVED this one just because I have crazy curly hair
I LOOOOVE THIS ONE! I want this hat so bad! I would walk out of a store wearing it.

Anyways, however they came (except for the horse hat)... I love hats. LOVE THEM!!!

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Tiersa McQueen said...

You know, my mom collects little hats. They come on a tiny head, but they are replicas of real hats only smaller. They are called Rosebud hats:

It's a way to buy a lot of cute hats that you love but could never wear!

Laura said...

WOW! those are COOOOL hats!

Jenn said...

This is so funny because me and a friend were talking about the exact same thing just last week. It's such a shame that hats aren't "in" anymore.