I can't believe we went in the Good Year Blimp!

So as I said before, for Bradley's 5Th birthday (at the slip and slide party) my brother Jonathan gave Bradley 3 tickets to ride the Good Year Blimp. We went yesterday and here are some picture! We had the best time and if you ever get the chance to go... DO IT!

(To get tickets to ride the blimp you have to have an account with Good Year. I brother works for a company that has one and gets tickets. They are for free, but only by invite)

Jason was the first person to sit in the front and boy did he love it!
The pilot was so nice to let all the boys fly the blimp. The wheel is at the side of her chair

I love this photo of Jon. He was doing all of the video taping with his camera and I took all the photos.
We went all the way down to the beach and back over to Carson. The ride was an hour long.
This is my Favorite picture! I just love the lighting, because the sun was starting to set. I LOVE THIS PHOTO!
This photo is pretty cool too! I love that you can see what Jon is filming

This is also a favorite. I told the boys to make funny faces and I love how Brian in the Middle is looking over at Bradley!
Love this photo of Bradleys and I :) Isn't my Bradleys so adorable?! I think so!
George, Brian and Jon
When getting on and off of the blimp there is a ladder that doesn't touch the ground, so you have to make sure not to fall. The blimp only has a small wheel that touches the gound and if the wind picks up it will move the whole blimp.

Thanks Jon for the best gift ever!

This is something I can't wait to scrap and will never forget!

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Michelle StClair said...

That is just the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!

ania said...

This looks like great fun!! And lol@ the boys!!

Emilie Ahern said...

OMGosh!!! That looks SO FUN!

And what fabulous pictures.
LOVE the kissing shot and the pic of the three boys.

And most of all, I love how often Bradley wears his Speed Racer shirt.
I'm a good Aunt.

Debbie :-) said...

Wow!!!! That has got to the coolest experience ever!!!

scrap.girl said...

Hey Heidi, what awesome pics!!! How incredible is this blimp?

I also wanted to mention that your doing such an awesome job on the boards for sqotd. It's not easy coming up with new Q's and you've definately been doing that!!!
denise aka scrap.girl