Always on my mind

I'm sad Summer is almost over!

I long to be this size again (8)

I did a little running (to get back to the size 8)

I heart being a Vegetarian :)

Can't live without

Today I put on some

I also need to fold clothes (and DON'T feel like it)

Finally scrapped the Blimp pics

Happy gas is not at this $$$ anymore

I miss this girl and wish she lived closer!

Calvin loves

This post made me laugh

Jason's back in school

What Bradley wants to be for Halloween (and I said ok)

and last, I want to buy this for my scrap room.

Happy Monday everyone.

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Emilie Ahern said...

Holy CRAP!
You KNOW I think you're a knockout, but those size 8 pictures?!! VA-VA-VOOM!
They are only missing the glorious long hair. It's a must!

I miss you too.

Where are those delicious lamps from?!!

The Gillette's said...

You can do it girlfriend!!! I will keep on commenting but Sean keeps hitting the keyboard so I will need to finish my post later... :-)