the nicest people

Last Saturday I had another photo shoot with Erica and her little family + one. She gave birth to a beautiful and sweet baby girl. What a perfect little thing she is. When I think of a perfect family I think of them. I'm sure they have their moments, but once their photo shoot was over and I walked back downstairs, there was her hubby waiting with a sandwich for me. I sat down and had lunch with them and Erica's mother (who came into town to help). We had the best time talking.

It took me a little longer to post these for them because I've been going nonstop, but in a good way. My house is clean, my boys and I played outdoors in beautiful weather. We visited with my sister and her kids and I taught a Make and Take today.

Hope you are all having a great day. Oh and don't forget you have one more day to enter the American Crafts DT call. Good luck to all.

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soinkincute said...

These photographs are so beautiful, Heidi! I just realized that you started a photography company. I am not sure how long ago because I have looked over the whole site just yet, but you're not only an incredible scrapper, you're an amazing photographer too!!! See why you inspire me so much!??

Thanks for sharing your awesome work!!!!

Candice (in Colorado)

Emilie Ahern said...

These are completely amazing!!!

Some of my favorite photos of your ever.

What it like having so much talent?

wendipooh13 said...

such a sweet family and the photos turned out sooo pretty!!! amazing work, you just rock!!!

Amy Hummel said...

Those pictures are amazing! And hats off to you getting your house cleaned up (AND playing with your kids). How supermomish of you! I think I will do that today!!!

Don't you love "shooting" newborns???

Amy Hummel said...

Oh, I forgot to ask. How did it go with the AC design team? Hear anything back? I didn't apply this year.