Orange juice & Graham crackers

Have you ever tried some weird food combination and it turn out to be a delightful surprise? When I was a kid I tried "Orange juice & Graham crackers" together and fell in love with it. I know it sounds crazy, but I say you can't knock it until you try it! There is something about it that is so yummy to me. No joke, I love it AND I even got Jason to try it and he also loves it.

SOY is only one day away from calls and I feel like I'm the only person out there who entered. AM I??? I haven't seen anyone post about it or talk about it on message boards. What is going on? Hello? Any SOY girls out there?
Here are some things I love, want or am using.
American Crafts: Travel Section
This is paper I can't wait to use. It's coming out this CHA. Oh AMERICAN CRAFTS... why is your paper so awesome?
Chatter Box paper
This is paper I'm using right now and I LOVE IT!!! I found out that my LSS had it and I bought enough to last a life time LOL.

This just makes me happy when I look at it! I can't wait to buy this one as well. I love the color combination.
Unity Stamps
I've been loving everything cupcakes lately and here are some adorable stamps Unity has! Can't you just imagine what you could do with them?!

Fabric I long to buy
I'd love to make a dress for myself out of this!

I'd love to make curtains out of this!
and I want to make a purse out of this!

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dawn said...

Where oh where!!! Did you find that cupcake patterned fabric. My daughter is a cupcake fanatic! Please email me and let me know!!! Great blog by the way. I came across it thru Emile's.

~~Take Care,