On the road to friendships!

This post is for all the amazing women I met on our trip to Utah. I feel so Blessed! Thanks Girls :) I can't wait to scrap these.

Amy Hummel
I must say that Amy is so beautiful and her Children are so adorable. My boys just loved their home. It was filled with colorful walls and comfort. I felt right at home with her and her kids. If she lived close I would so do play dates with her!

Heather Taylor

Sadly I didn't get to her because we got lost. However Heather, I still plan to visit you next time I'm up there! sorry it didn't work out :(


This was a visit I didn't want to end. I could talk to Jenn for hours! In fact, I have thought PM's. It was so fun to see her belly before the joy arrives! Jenn, is by far one cool chick! While there, we sent Jason and the boys over to the park (that was right next door) and we chatted. we talked for about an hour, but it felt so much less. Time flies with her, that's how much I enjoy her!

Emilie A.

This was like visiting family! Emilie and I are so close I call her my sister and BOFF (I tell her everything)! Visiting her in Logan was so fun, Bradley finally got to play with Ella (her daughter), we ate together, scrapped together and way more! WHY DELAWARE EMILIE, WHY???!!! Matt it's not too late to find a job in Cali!

Brittany Beattie

I love this GIRL! She is so kind and so fun to chat with through emails. When I told her I wanted to stop by and say "Hi" she offered to show me around CK (something she didn't have to do). PS I'm sure most of you saw her office in CK's issue, but in real life I didn't want to leave it. It was so happy and bright! B you have GREAT taste in colors! I loved every minute I talked to her and longed for more.

Joannie McBride

I'm still getting to know this sweet gal through emails and me giving her my wrong SS # for published stuff, but let me just say that when I walked up to her desk... I knew that she and I were meant to be friends. Joannie, I LOVE "LOST" TOO! LOL WE'VE GOT TO CHAT MORE ABOUT IT! oh and maybe I can fedEx you some In-N-Out

Lizzy K

For all of you that are her fans, please know that she is the most humble and down to earth person. Walking into her home was such a warm and loving feeling. I felt so welcomed as I watched her handle the joy of two children that need her every moment of time. She is beyond sweet and LOL even sent me home with gifts for others.

And last but not Least... Cheryl!

I long to live next to her! She is that person that you just need to have in your life. She is that person that just makes you smile and have a good day. When I showed up at her home she was at Costco and her daughter was so sweet and let us come in. As soon as she called her, Cheryl came running in that door 10 mins later. PS her layouts in person are amazing! oh and my hair is up in the photo because it got crazy puffy.

I think for me the best part of this whole trip was knowing that these girls love scrapping as much as I do. They are my scrapping sisters!

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Just Me said...

Oh it was so much fun to finally meet you and your family. I loved every minute that we got to spend together. And we will definitly be visiting Cali someday (hopefully soon0.

Amy Hummel said...

Hey, that was awesome meeting you! Sorry that I don't keep up on your blog too much. I've tried to add it to my Google Reader account several times, but it won't add for some reason. Do you have it so that people can't subscribe to your blog?

I'm jealous that you got to meet all of those cool people. Then I guess I live closer to them all than you do!

And I need a copy of that picture of you and I. I look like a dork in the one I have. Oh... and I need a picture of you and I taking pictures of each other...