It's been a while

It has been more than a while, so I thought I'd give you all a big o'l post!!! so enjoy it one and all


New Untiy Stamp Cards:

Purple Onion Stamps Cards:

A new magazine I was in:

A 50th anniversary party (Photo Shoot) I did:

What we did to day:

My Favorite new photos by me:

On May 12th Jason and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary:

I did a little sewing:

AND... I even had time to work everyday last week and I lost 11lbs:

The End

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Just Me said...

Picture posts are just as great as written post. I love all the photos. You are so talented in scapbooking and photography!

Emilie Ahern said...

So MUCH to love!!! Your cards are really getting amazing. I am green with envy.

(But don't forget who taught you to obsess over heat embossing.)


Heather said...

11 pounds?!? Awesome! Love all the pictures- love the bubbles one! All the layouts rock, as always!

wendipooh13 said...

looks like you have been busy!!! congrats on the pub!!! love seeing all your pages- soo fun and fres, love all the photos!!! I really want a GOOD camera too!!! and congrats on the lbs lost- sooo exciting, just need to kick my booty into gear!!!

Kim said...

Love your photos. My favorites - "still feeding her cake after that many years".......and baby feet - I love baby feet!!