The Trouble with Bees

Yuck, I've never liked bees and, thankfully, I've never been stung as well! So with that... I have a funny little store for you all.

About a week ago, I was at my parents' house so the boys could play and visit Nana & Pappy. While we were there my mom and I were talking in the front room and that is when my Mom looked out the window and said " WOW that's a lot of flies over by our Gas Meter... (Gasp) I was told if you see flies like that it's because there is a gas leek". I say "Maybe a dog went poop or something" (as I walked over to the window to check it all out) and that's when I realized they weren't flies they were BEES!

LOL so my Mom calls out for my Dad in great concern. When my Dad comes to the window he decides to go outside to spray the 10 or so bees with water to scare them away. I say "Dad that isn't such a great idea... I wouldn't do that! There could be a whole lot more down in that ground meter!" So he doesn't listen and starts spraying them! AND THAT IS WHEN ALL OF THE BEES GOT MAD!!

1000's of bees came flying out MAD and ready to fight! While all of this is going on my mom is yelling "ROBERT...ROBERT (in a voice you would just have to hear...it would make you laugh) GET IN HERE!" after about a minute my Dad decides to run because the bees notice him and start to fly around him (I've never seen my dad run so fast).

The worst part was we were just getting ready to leave and now we were hostage to the bees LOL. Oh and this was right around when school was getting out and the local school had kids standing off to the side, not able to get home. After about 30 minutes the bees settled back down. I head home and two days later my mom calls me to say that "the city aome out and looked inside of the meter and FOUND A HONEY COMB!!!" We live in the City and they found a honey comb?! Now that is funny!

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Emilie Ahern said...

Hilarious. A BEE hostage situation!