I love weekends!

This last Saturday I had two photography jobs. It was a busy day! I first went to the New Port Temple to do a wedding. The poor Bride was having a hard time keeping on her vail because of how windy it was. Here are a few of their pictures. They were such a happy Couple!

Then Later in the day, I did a Maternity Shoot at the beach. The winds by this time had picked up even more. Luisa (the mama to be) called and said "should we try next Saturday because of how windy it is?" but here is the thing, she is due in 2 weeks. So I said "Let's just go down there to see how windy the beach is." LOL and that is when we got attacked by... what I like to call "a tsunami of wind". After taking just a few pictures and Luisa being attacked by her hair ...we ran back to our cars and laughed, as we tried to get all the sand out of our ears. Thanks guys for trying and for the HILARIOUS memory!

Then on Sunday, Jason needed to study for a test he is taking today, so I took the boys to Nana's and Pappy's for some "visit time". While there, Pappy made is perfectly delicious popcorn. Perfected over years and years. I have never had better popcorn than his and everyone that ever has it says "Man, I want some of your Dad's Popcorn!" Yep-it's that good!

ANYWAY, Wile there my Dad, A.K.A Pappy... made some and Calvin went crazy for it. He wasn't just grabbing one piece at a time... he was grabbing a full hand and shoving it all in his mouth. Then he decided to just eat it right from the bowl! It was way funny!

Yep- it was a PERFECT WEEKEND!

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Unity Stamp Company said...

Amazingly talented you are with that camera! I love your photos, wind and all! Thanks for sharing those, Heidi.

Michelle said...

Love those windy pregnant pics. They totally made me smile!!!!!!

TessaAnnWatte said...

Great shots, Heidi!!!
They were such fun "real" pics--love that!
Glad you had a wonderful weekend :)


Just Me said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that even though the weather wasn't perfect for the pregnency shoot it still looked like everyone was having fun.

Danielle Holsapple said...

Fab photos there Heidi! Looks like such fun!!!!!!!!