Oh this cold morning!

Yesterday I got my early Christmas gift @8 am. WOOHOO... It was my new treadmill! Thanks to my Jason it's all put together and ready to burn some FAT!

While opening the box I got a box cut...which hurts way more than a paper cut.

Yesterday and today have been so Cold here in Cali! WAY TOO COLD! So here is to hot chocolate on this day of ice!

PS...this was in Creating Keepsakes Magazine on page 37
So than, last night we went to Jason's work party. It was fun but, even more fun watching people falling all over the dance floor because of how much they had to drink! Last night it was so cold and I couldn't get over how many girls picked fashion over warmth! the wind was so strong and it was so funny to see these girls... shaking in their shoes (that you know were going to hurt their feet 5 minutes after being on) Don't get me wrong, it's fun to be pretty and a hottie on a date...but really?! WHAT WHERE THESE GIRLS THINKING? I'm sure all of them have colds today.

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