Medal of Honor-DIY-Valentine's Day

It's been a long day and so I think I will let my photos do the talking. This is super easy to make and costs almost nothing for the supplies.

Did you get that so far?
And now do this...
I plan on giving these to my 3 guys in my life.
Sexy Mr. Sonboul, Bradley and Calvin.

Cost For all the of these:
I had all of these supplies around my home and it just took getting them together to make them. However, the cost of all the items together are about  $4.oo

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curlyqmosaics said...

These are fantastic! I would love to make these for my boys too! What is it made out of? Is it clay or chipboard? I love the color combination too! TFS!

curlyqmosaics said...

Just saw your previous post. I must but some of that melody Ross chipboard!

The Sonboul's said...

yep- It's the Melody ross chipboard, but any chipboard will work for it :)

Leslie said...

Love it! You area simply creative!

Rita Barakat said...

That is so super cute Heidi!!! You need to chack out my blog - not todays post - the one before! ((hugs))